Modular Versatile Mobility Enhancement Technology

IST logo MOVEMENT aims at the development of a modular versatile mobility enhancement system. The core is formed by an intelligent mobile (robotic) platform which can attach to a user definable selection of application modules (e.g. chair, manipulator, ICT Terminal). These modules are more or less inconspicuous mainstream articles but will become powerful assistive devices when the mobile platform attaches to them. All three dimensions of personal mobility - MOVEMENT of People - MOVEMENT of Objects - MOVEMENT of Information - are comprehensively addressed.

MOVEMENT is a Specific Targeted Research Project (contract number 511670) co-funded by the INFSO DG of the European Commission within the RTD activities of the Thematic Priority Information Society Technologies (Activity code IST-2002- of the 6th Framework Programme).

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Last update 06.05.2008

MOVEMENT prototypes were shown live

at the REHACARE logo RehaCare October 3rd - 6th 2007 in Düsseldorf


The MOVEMENT project ended in spring 2008.


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